Majestic Oak Trees

Majestic Century-Old Oaks in League City

League Park, Walter Hall Park, and Helen’s Gardens all have century-old live oak trees. Trees at these addresses have been officially registered and measured as majestic oaks. Historic sites and majestic oaks information is provided by:

League City Historical Society, Inc.
West Bay Common Children’s Museum
P.O. Box 1642
League City, TX 77574
Phone: 281-554-2994

Row of Oak Trees

Historic Oaks

Address Points
219 E Galveston Street
300 points
528 S Iowa Avenue
284 points
220 Houston Avenue
281 points
1612 E Walker Street
260 points
1504 7th Street
242 points
925 E Walker Street
241 points
110 Oak Creek Lane
238 points
400 Oaklawn Street
237 points
720 3rd Street
236 points
Louisiana at 518
235 points
406 Oaklawn Street
226 points